I wish I had more time!

I'm starting to stress out with all of "to-do's" that need to get finished before Harrison arrives.

Ah, so much to do...so little time.

I made a list of things that I need to do this week/weekend:
1. Clean out the playroom closet (I have clothes in there from my high school years!)
2. Clean Harrison's room
3. Organize Master Bedroom closet
4. Finish up craft projects for Harrison's room
5. Prepare all of Evelyn's 2nd Birthday decorations

Now on to the fun stuff...I ordered a bunch of great items for the new playroom.

I am in *love* with the blue walls. We plan on painting the room this color.

We purchased...
:: a rug ::
:: curtains ::
:: 2 bookcases ::
:: bean bag chairs ::
:: book bin ::

Most of the items are on back order for a few weeks so hopefully we will get the room together before the baby arrives! {I don't think paint fumes mix well with a new baby}
Other bigger "to-do's" (aka Daniel's to-do list) before the baby comes
1) trim around the hardwood floors
2) laundry room upstairs (we are demolishing to save some money)
3) dining room wainscoting
4) window casing around dining room and living room windows
5) painting the laundry room after the remodel (again we are doing to save money!)
6) painting mudroom and new walk-in pantry (saving more money!)
7) painting playroom
8) painting living room

See what I mean by wishing I had more time before the baby arrives?!

There are only so many weekends left...with Army training - that cuts the weekends down even more.

Hopefully we will tackle most of the items above before Harrison's arrival!


  1. Your life is full with house projects and children. I hope you're savoring the process of improving your surroundings and providing a lovely haven for family. For me, the process is as much of a joy as the end project.
    I wish I had some of the talent and energy you have. All you do conveys talent and thoughtful planning.

  2. My life is full of both of those things! After baby is here all of the household projects will be on hold so we can enjoy our time with the little ones :) Thanks so much, it is very stressful at times to just get everything finished. Sometimes I think I push myself and husband too far to try to reach these goals. I'm looking forward to sitting back, taking it all in and relaxing in about 1 month...


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