Playroom - Kiddos Retreat

I picked out a bright blue paint color for the play room. I think it is so much fun and perfect for a gender neutral playroom.

Of course Daniel opposed the color because in another 3-4 years we will paint it again for Evelyn's big girl room. I'll let her choose her color at that time.

Daniel started painting the walls two weekends ago... while I enjoyed sitting downstairs.
I have an excuse! Normally, I would help with these tasks - although he thinks I'm a terrible painter. Is it because I'm left handed?!?

He finished all the painting and then unloaded the closet. Yes, another huge mess to clean up.

See what I mean about the mess??

Finally this last weekend we got everything organized and the playroom is clean!

My parents bought this play table for Evelyn's 2nd birthday and it looks so cute in the room above the striped rug. are out of the family room downstairs! Daniel moved her toy chest upstairs and her book shelf back in the play room. (I will have pictures later this week of the kids-free family room!)

I'm not going to decorate the playroom until we have all the furniture situated.

We are turning our old foot board from our king size bed into a daybed. That should be an interesting project down the road.

Also, we plan to install a TV up high so this can be the kiddos little comfy retreat.

There are still several toys hiding away in the entertainment center in the family room.
Don't you love doors on things? I love getting the toys out of sight.

Now, our family room is adult-ish again and that makes me happy.

Ok, I'm posting another photo of the new playroom...

I'm Officially Home!

Oh, it is such a great feeling to know that I am home for the next 21 weeks.

I finally get to start those craft projects I've been dying to do. In order to get to those I need to make every day tasks at home as simple as possible.

Since I'm home for a long time (end of November) I am doing all of the household chores, grocery runs, making meals, taking care of the little ones know what SAHM's do each and every day.

I've been brainstorming on what additional lists will help me during these weeks.

While planning my grocery shopping for this week something clicked. How about a cute grocery list? I do coupon so I wanted to incorporate coupons in that list as well...

I decided to put together a grocery shopping list to keep that portion of time to a minimum.

I created a generic list as a free printable!


If you want a copy of the list I use, it is available in my Etsy shop for $2.
I hope this helps you speed up stay at home tasks! 

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