EK Designs

After a year of wanting to start my own blog I am finally taking the plunge to do so! I love all things neutral with a splash of color (usually in pillows and curtains.) As I grow older I am finding out more and more about my personal style. This blog is here to capture my ever growing design choices and changes.

I have always had my mom decorate my house (pick out the furniture, pick the colors, etc) She has great taste, don't get me wrong...but being a newly wed (does 2007 count?!) with a toddler and baby on the way - I think I am finally ready to step out on my own and make my own design decisions.


After venturing out making my daughters 1st birthday invitations (about a year ago) I decided to dabble a little more in the paper design world. Recently, my good friend asked me to make her wedding invitations. The wedding is in July so I will be unveiling my first set of invites (around May) after she mails them out...Of course, I don't want to ruin any surprises!


Evelyn Kate - My daughter is one of my inspirations. She has opened up my world to tackle my dreams. I want to show her that she can do what she loves, with all of the risks! Since she is such a significant part of my life, I named my blog after her.

Daniel - Oh my dear husband. Without him nothing in this house would get done. He does an amazing job sharing all of the household chores (we both work full time) and also takes on the crazy projects I want done. He has to deal with a lot. I am thankful and blessed that he is here to help me with my business. He has a great eye and a huge heart. He keeps my mind on track when I start seeing something shiny... Yes, I will admit, I have adult ADD and I'm proud of it!!


Hopefully over time I can inspire you to open up your hearts to design and take risks to do what you love!

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