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I am finally back.

Having two kids is tough (for all you mothers with more than 2 - I don't know how you do it.) It is amazing I find time to shower ehhh every 2 days (don't judge!)

Harrison's room is finished. Actually it was ready several weeks ago. I haven't had a chance to post until now. Both kids are sleeping. Oh, silence how I missed you!

Get ready for photo overload...

Here is a shot of the whole room.

The {red} chair is on back order so they gave us this loaner.

Yes, there are clothes stuffed in his bassinet! I'll get to that eventually...

You can find a tutorial on the book page letters {H E R E}

You can also find a tutorial on making this inexpensive dollar store art {H E R E}

This is my favorite part of his room!

You can find a tutorial on making the yarn flag artwork {H E R E}

Baby H hasn't made it to his room yet. He is still sleeping in his swing right next to our bed. Gasp, little Miss Evelyn Kate slept in the swing next to our bed for 8 months. Whatever works, works!

I'm glad he is giving me a solid 6 hours of sleep at almost 6 weeks. I was up every 1-2 hours up until last week.

Well, I need to get back to the kids!

Have a great Wednesday!

Baby H is here!

Sorry for being so MIA recently.

On Friday July 22 I met this handsome fella.

Meet Harrison Bennett.

{ photo courtesy of Jennifer Driscoll }

He weighed in just under 8lbs (7 lbs 15 oz) and was 21 inches.

He is such a joy. Although the every 2 hour feedings are starting to take a toll on mom.

Dad is very proud of his son.

{ photo courtesy of Jennifer Driscoll }

Big sister even enjoys having her little brother around. Although we are taking "nice hands" one day at a time. She really likes to snuggle him in blankets (ehhh, on his face) so I am watching her constantly.

{ photo courtesy of Jennifer Driscoll }

Everyone said that 2 years apart is the perfect age for siblings. Boy, is it a lot of work.

Do you have any tips with having kids close in age?

I'm trying to spend as much time as possible with my daughter but it is tough balancing feedings and one on one time with Evelyn.

Well, back to my mom duties!

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