Demo Time

The house is very chaotic right now.

Daniel started demoing the old laundry room (with the help of a friend) and the closets for the new laundry room upstairs.

{ future mud room area }

I am running around trying to keep everything clean. Ha, like that is possible during a demolition!

Do you know how messy drywall dust is? Wow, it looks like a dust storm went off in our house!

T O   D O 's  B Y  J U L Y  2 2
1) trim around the hardwood floors
2) laundry room demo
3) closet demo
4) dining room wainscoting
5) window casing around dining room and living room windows
6) painting the laundry room after the remodel
7) painting mudroom and new walk-in pantry
8) painting playroom
9) painting living room
10) mulch outside (June 17th!)

Ok, realistically, I'm sure half of these items won't be finished by july 22...but a girl can dream?!


I've been putting together several {free} printables to share with all of you after Evelyn's Birthday Party. So, if you are interested in a Sweet Shoppe Theme Birthday party check back next week!

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