About Me

I am the daughter of two wonderful parents who have been married for 40 years this April. I think it is amazing that their love has lasted this long. It gives me a lot of look forward to with Daniel. Well, those two amazing parents created 4 children. I have three older brothers. I am the youngest...and the only girl. When I was younger this was a good and bad thing. Good that my mom always took me shopping and shared her design style with me and bad with the fact that my brothers weren't very nice. Good thing we are all older now and get along :)

I wed my husband and college sweetheart, Daniel, on September 22, 2007. We met my freshman year (he was a sophomore) and quickly became an item!

Daniel is my handy man around the house. He is great with numbers and isn't afraid of power tools. I promise I will eventually get over my power tool phobia! When he isn't doing things around the house he is serving our country in the Army National Guard. He graduated as an Electrical Engineer but decided that the military life was something he wanted to pursue. So now, I can call him Captain Downey :)

After less than two years of marriage we welcomed little Miss Evelyn Kate to the world.

Please ignore my gainage of 60lbs. I was never one of those "cute" pregnant people. Not that I don't like the cute pregnant people I just wish everyone got to share the joy of gaining 60lbs!

25 months later we welcomed Mr. Harrison Bennett! 

I recently had a career change - I am now a stay at home mom. Slowly I strive to get my house organized. You will find several organizational tools on this site to help you succeed in your organizational goals.

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