Having ADD is something that I have really struggled with all of my life. Having ADD and being a clean freak is also not a good combo!! I hate when things are left out on counters etc. It is one of my ticks that sets me off! Since, I do hate things left on the counters - I tend to just shove them in drawers without question.

Oh Honey, don't worry if you are missing that small screw driver, I know exactly which one of the drawers it is in...and really, I will remember!

Well, my goal for this year is to get organized. Maybe the nesting is starting to set in!! I want to label everything and have specific place for items - instead of a random closet or junk drawer(s). I want this area of my blog to focus on the organizational aspects I do around the house. I think this is really another aspect of design - getting organized. My husband also thinks this is a brilliant idea. For some reason I don't think he likes when I "hide" is things in drawers...

From now on I am going to try my hardest to dedicate at least one post every 1-2 weeks to getting organized. Any tips for this challenge will be a big help!!

Oh and I am going to start donating my clothes to Goodwill. Yes, I still have clothes from highschool :: cough cough :: I graduated 2003. So these items are over 8 years old. One thing I will never donate: my jeans. I am obsessed with my jeans. I hope one day Evelyn wants to wear them...I mean vintage 7 for all mankind, hudsons, and true religions have to be *cool* in 15 years?? Riiight. Probably not, but I'm still saving them. Maybe a part of me wants to fit in those size 27's again. Like that's going to happen!


[[ Now Organized ]]

:: Entry Closet ::

:: Master Bathroom Linen Closet ::

:: Harrison's Closet ::


[[ Future Challenges ]]

:: Junk Drawer ::

:: Evelyn's Closet ::

:: Master Closet ::

:: Guest Bedroom Closet ::

:: Pantry ::

:: Garage Closet ::

:: Evelyn's Drawers ::

:: Master Drawers ::

:: Under Master Bath Sinks ::

:: Under Kitchen Sink ::

:: Study ::

:: Basement aka Hoarder Central ::

:: Garage ::

:: Laundry Cabinets ::

:: Kitchen Planning Desk Drawers ::

I will be updating this list slash my husband will let me know where I have "stuffed" things.

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