Oh Christmas Tree! {tutorial}


About a year ago my mom found all these amazing ornaments in storage. These ornaments sat there for almost 20 years. 
She asked me if I wanted them. Of course being the hoarder I am I jumped on the idea.

I remember her putting up these ornaments when I was a little girl. When we moved to a more modern house she decided to retire these vintage pieces.

Lucky me...I have "new" great vintage ornaments to decorate the tree in our loft.

I decided to make a little tutorial. I have no idea if this is the correct or right way to decorate a tree but this is how I decorated this tree. 

[S T E P 1]   Make sure your lights work on the tree if you have a pre-lit tree. I know this step is pretty simple but trust me it is SO frustrating finishing a tree to find it does not light. It has happened to me!!

[S T E P 2]  Add coordinating ribbon, lace, and even beads to add accent to your tree.

[S T E P 3]  Add bulb type ornaments. I like to call these type of ornaments fillers. They add tons of color to the tree.

[S T E P 4]  Add your fun fancy ornaments


[S T E P 5]  Spice up the tree with a couple flowers and twigs in coordinating colors. 

Yeah, I got a little happy rushing trying to get my tree decorated while baby #2 slept. He gives me one good hour nap so this 7 foot tree was completed in under an hour!

Finally, let there be light...

This isn't perfect - the Angel on the top is a little tilted. I will need to work on that...or better yet have the husband who is taller (only by a few inches) take care of that.


 I probably over decorated the tree but I wanted to showcase all of the pretty ornaments. 
Please share all of your beautiful Christmas trees!

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