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Today I am featuring a blog that I am growing to love, The Crafty Scientist. I might be a little bias (being a scientist and all…) but trust me her stuff is amazing. Mel is so creative and thrifty with her designs. I especially love her website. For all of you science buffs out there her tab titles are absolutely hilarious and fitting! Ok, my inner nerd might be coming out a little.

I am sharing {3} of her tutorials today.

{ T H E    W A T E R M E L O N   W R E A T H }

Are you in need of a summer wreath? Oh, I know my front door needs something...Another craft project to add to the list for my pre-maternity leave from work! Her watermelon wreath is absolutely darling and such the perfect touch for a summer door.

You can find Mel’s tutorial for the watermelon wreath {here.}

{ P A I N T   C H I P  A R T }

This is by far my favorite tutorial on Mel’s site. It is a popular one! I love everything about this project. The fact that you can get paint chips for free (awesome!) and create beautiful art is amazing. Her color combinations are so pretty and I really want to tackle this project in the future. I especially love her idea of using round paint chips – so smart and unique from the other paint chip artwork I’ve seen.

 { look at those color combinations - I'm in love! }

This is another project to add to the list!

You can find Mel's tutorial on paint chip art {here}.

{ B U T T E R F L Y    S P E C I M E N   A R T }

How great is this artwork? My little girl is in love with butterflies and this will be such a great touch to her "big" girl room.

I love the idea of using various types of scrap paper and punching out fun designs to make art.

The possibilities are endless on what you can display like "specimen" art.

What about hearts for Valentine's Day or Snow flakes like Mel did here.

You can find the Butterfly Specimen Art {here}.

I hope you enjoyed a few of Mel's great tutorials. Check out her site for more tutorials and design ideas.

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  1. Great tutorials, thanks for sharing!
    Have a fantastic first day of summer!
    XXX Ido


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