Happy Heart Day - Free Printable

This week has been one rough week.

Mr. Harrison is really, really sick with a nasty virus {RSV}.

We took a trip to the hospital and [3] trips to the doctors...

He got really dehydrated - to the point that he wouldn't drink anything.

Daniel and I ended up giving him syringes full of pedialyte {5ml every 5 minutes for 3 hours.}

That stuff works fast! About an hour in he was talking and ready to be the crazy little man we all know.


I created printable Valentine Cards last week. I've been meaning to send them out but with everything that happened I'm a little tardy.

I hope you enjoy these Valentine Cards!

I created two colors, pink and blue.

D O W N L O A D  in  P I N K


D O W N L O A D   in   B L U E

Feel free to pin away!

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