The Welcome Sign: Sweet Shoppe Printable

{ T H E   W E L C O M E   S I G N }

This 8 x 10 sign welcomed guests as they entered the kitchen.

I like to think this sign set the tone for the party.

It incorporates the theme and is a cute touch to welcome guests.

I printed on 80lb card stock and put it in a large 8 x 10 picture frame that I found at my house.

Pretty inexpensive accent piece!

I updated this sign to be generic enough for people to use as a bridal shower or birthday party welcome sign.

{ D O W N L O A D   B I R T H D A Y }

{ D O W N L O A D   B R I D A L   S H O W E R }

If anyone knows how to include a PDF file without directing readers to a third party site for downloading please let me know. I think it would be 10x easier for everyone to access these printables without having to wait to download from another site.


Happy 2nd Birthday to my sweet little girl

Evelyn Kate

I remember the first words I said to her on that warm Saturday evening in June, "I'm so sorry I messed up your head." haha actually it is very funny that those were the first words I said. Her head went round after a few hours but I seriously felt so bad! She was in the canal for a long time and I wasn't doing such hot job pushing. Funny what you think of saying after 14 hours of labor and wacky meds.

She is so sweet and just started giving real kisses. She will only kiss you if you allow her to kiss your lips. So sweet.

Although at times she might be a handful for my 8 month pregnant body - I wouldn't change a second. Even the emotional breakdowns at the grocery store. Don't you love it when kids just know the greatest time to pull a tantrum?

Tonight we are going to grab some ice cream. She loves ice cream. Actually she loves anything that involves sugar.

Little Miss Evelyn Kate Happy 2nd Birthday :)


  1. Thank you for the printables.
    Happy Birthday Evelyn.
    Zoe will be 2 on the 21st and it just doesnt seem possible.

  2. How cute!!! You have the sweetest ideas!

  3. your ideas are amazing!! Thank you so much for helping me get organized in a cute way

  4. Do you have the banner printable?

  5. This is a very cute birthday!!! Thanks for being o kind to share your printables!!!


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