Weekend Project

The weekend project is coming along.

The floors are finished in the living room and almost finished in the dining room.

Daniel is working very hard to get everything finished by later this evening.

Evelyn and I got out of the house yesterday and enjoyed our time with my family at my parents home.

I felt bad leaving him but he basically begged us to leave. I guess we keep him from doing work!

I'm sure he is exhausted from this weekend and is ready to take a nice hot bubble bath. I'm pretty sure he feels it in his back (and all over) today.

Some photos...

Gosh, I swear whenever we do one project I have so many more ideas for future projects. I dislike how the stained staircase looks next to the new wood floors. Yuck! Talk about a major clash in stain colors.

I plan on painting the bottom white and then staining the handrails to match the wood floors. Hopefully that will tie everything together!

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! Thank you Daniel, and others that serve(d) our country!

Oh...and quick question - is anyone else having issues with blogger spacing on posts? I am getting so frustrated! I'm about to make the move to word press. Have any of you moved your blogs over to a different platform?

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