Master Closet: Getting Organized

All these unorganized areas in the house are making me go crazy during nesting time.

Take a look at our closet.

I promised my significant other that I would keep this area clean if he installed a custom closet system (he did this 2 years ago.)

I didn't mean to lie, but seriously, I am going through the closet every morning as fast as possible in order to get to work by 8.

I think if I had more time in the morning the closet would be nowhere near the disaster it is today.

Yeah, getting myself ready plus a 2 year old sleeping beauty is not an easy task. Add daycare drop off to that mix ohh the morning gets so much better! Can you tell my sarcasm?

Yesterday I worked on organizing the space.

{ removed the clothes }

{ moved pants over to the other side }

{ finally clean! }

It is such an improvement. I want to put small baskets at the top to hold some of the items we don't use very often...or even store out of season items.

Is it bad that I am loving the chalkboard baskets from Pottery Barn Kids for our master closet??

Sabrina Basket & Chalkboard Labels

I actually just want the labels. I think I can pick up some pretty inexpensive baskets from Target or Walmart.

Hmm...I smell a future project making these chalkboard labels!

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