Yarn American Flag Artwork: Tutorial

{ I need to get more blue yarn to finish the part under the star section! }

This project took several hours to complete but is well worth the time. The vintage american flag came out better than I expected and only required a few materials. 


:: (3) 12" x 24" Canvas ::
:: Yarn: (3) Red,  (3) Cream, (2) Blue::
:: Hot Glue::
:: 50 Metal Stars ::

I went to the local craft store and purchased the canvases. They were a little pricey at $12.99 a pop, but luckily they were 50% off. Not so bad spending $6.50 for each canvas. I also picked up the color yarn that I needed for the tutorial. I found out the hard way that I need more blue yarn!

I first drew out the American flag shape with a pencil. I spaced my lines for the stripes to be slightly more than 1.75" apart to make 13 even stripes. On the first board I lined up the stripes and made the "blue" section the top half.

I then started with the red piece of yarn (hot gluing it on the back of the canvas) and kept on wrapping it around the canvas until I hit the next stripe (I doubled the wrapping.) I cut the end and I glued the red yarn to the back of the canvas and then started next with the cream stripe.

I wrapped the cream stripe in a similar fashion, switching to red when I hit the next stripe line.

Do this over and over (time consuming!!) on both of the canvases.

On the first canvas you want to wrap the blue around the top half. Once this is complete you start the stripes beginning with white and alternate.

Place hooks on the back of the canvas for hanging.

Now you have a vintage looking American Flag!

I'm off to Joann's for that blue yarn!!


  1. Wow! Lovely blog! Cool idea..:)
    You are super creative dear!


  2. lovely stylished flag. yes, super cool. i agree with sangha. it's creative and appears easy to make. so: perfect.

    want to add it to our craft * diy tutorial parties? http://www.finecraftguild.com/craft-party/

    see you soon again!

  3. Thank You for sharing this!! Our youngest son's nursery is vintage airplane theme and I have been searching for a flag to hang in his room. Plan to create this while I catch up on DVR and not feel so guilty for DVR ;) LOL


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