Harrison's Closet: Getting Organized

Evelyn's old play room is now Harrison's baby room. All of Evelyn's baby toys and random stuff (old clothes, anything and everything) seemed to make it in the play room closet. Makes sense, right?! Ah, I function with the idea of out of sight out of mind.

First of all, I am showing you the organized closet...So you don't think too poorly of me!!!

{BEWARE} of the photos below. This closet was a M-E-S-S!

Yes, those tissue pom poms are from Evelyn's first birthday party. We never hung them up in the play room. Hopefully we will be more proactive in the new play room!

The random Easter basket was great to find right before Easter! Saved a few bucks on reusing that puppy.

I feel great now that I got this closet organized.

Daniel just needs to add a closet system - another honey do list item!

Have a great Monday :)

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