New Furniture

Our new couch arrived on Saturday.

:: please ignore everything that doesn't match ::

Other than things not matching, I am loving how the new couch looks.

The chaise is even big enough for the entire family (including dogs) to fit on comfortably. 

Once I buy new end tables and a coffee table this room will be ready for paint and curtains.

I bet you are wondering where the old furniture went...Well, the couch and chaise moved into our living room towards the front of the house. I'm not too sure about the arrangement (hence why there isn't a photo) but I will get it all figured out. The small couch that was in the living room is now in our study by the window.

Whew, I am happy my husband was ok with moving all this furniture around. Hopefully, he isn't frustrated with me changing my mind every 5 minutes!

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  1. Love your new furniture! It makes me furniture hungry. :)

  2. Thanks! We will splurge on certain items when needed. My college set had to go!!


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