Harrison Room Part 2

Harrison's room is almost ready to go. Daniel finished that wainscoting and we are now putting the furniture in the room.

We finally put the crib together. I think it looks terrific with the neutral colored walls. I am very pleased with how the room turned out - so far.

We only had a minor issue with the crib. Well, a huge issue to me...There is a huge slice on one of the crib legs. They don't have any more parts so JC Penney is giving us a 30% discount. I'm not sure how I feel about this but I will have to deal with it!
I'm looking forward to moving on to more fun things - the decor! Finally, I have somewhere to put all the artwork I've been working on.

*Note: Special thanks to Daniel for taking these photos while I slept on the couch...Welcome to the 3rd trimester!

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  1. It's looking very nice! I'm waiting on my bedding to arrive & then will start painting. Does D know how to do a chair rail? I want one in the babies' room to separate the bottom color from the top.

  2. How cute is this room? Love it! It's looking great so far :)


  3. we did a board & batten look in my girls room in sept (posted about it). it turned out great! and this LOOKS TERRIFIC!


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