Family Room or Kids Room?

Our family room has turned into a kids playroom. I said I would never let this happen. Personally, I feel that the main floor should be a nice, clean, toy-free zone.

The issue with all these toys occurred when we converted the old playroom to Harrison's new baby room. I am starting to regret this change!

{ toy corner }

{ yes, these are all your toys! }

Hopefully, before D-day (due date) the guest bedroom will be gone {sorry guests that want to spend the night} and we will have a new playroom.

We are going to build one of the famous Ana-White Pottery Barn Knock off daybeds. I guess if you are a guest traveling alone you will have somewhere to sleep!

Honestly, we hardly have guests stay at our house. For our family this is the best set up.

Plus, I'm sure everyone will be happier not tripping over toys on the main level.

If you have the space for a playroom - go for it. You will thank me in the end!

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  1. when the kids get a little older you could always have a cubby house or tree house in the yard and put there toys out there


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