Ballard Design Artwork: Tutorial

A few months ago I came across this piece of artwork at Ballard Design. With a $169 price tag, I knew I could make it for far less...I have been frequenting the Dollar Store like it is my job and found the perfect "dollar store" artwork that I could revamp and make my own. Of course, with many of my projects, I am just getting to it now!

I decided that this piece would be a great addition to the new baby room.

So here is what you need to get this project rolling...

Materials you need

:: 9 Canvas Pictures (Dollar store) ::

:: Mod Podge (special glue that I am now in love with!) ::

:: Coordinating scrap paper ::

:: Acrylic Paint (that matches the scrap book paper) ::

[Step 1] Depending on your canvas size you might need to alter the sizes of cuts. My canvas' are 7" x 7". So I cut (9) 7" x 7" squares out of coordinating scrap paper.

[Step 2] Apply a thin layer of mod podge to the back of the scrap paper and place this on the canvas art. Be sure to smooth out all the air bubbles and extra glue.

[Step 3] After this dries for roughly 2 hours apply a coat or two of mod podge to the scrap paper on the canvas. Yes, you are applying the glue to the top of the scrap paper that is now the artwork. This will make the artwork sturdy.

[Step 4] When everything dries (I waited over night but I'm sure ~2 hours is enough time) Paint the sides of the canvas with the acrylic paint.

Now you have a beautiful 9 canvas artwork!

:: artwork for vintage america baby room ::

:: another view ::

I am able to recreate this custom piece of art for ~$16 with tons of materials left over for another project!

Oh, and it is going to look great in the baby room!!!


  1. LOVE this! I might actually venture into "crafting" to create useful stuff like this!

  2. I saw your link on the nester's page and your picture caught my eye! I've been wanting to do something like this with fabric but I have a TON of scrapbook paper and I love this idea even more. Thanks for the "how to" steps!

  3. Hi Nicole, you could do this with fabric as well...just make sure you use the fabric mod podge. Actually I am new to mod podge but I know they have specific glue for paper and fabrics. I'm glad I could help :)

  4. Ashley- I Love this, I hope you dont mind if Harrison and Robby have the same theme for their bedrooms. I am going to put the yarn flag and this in Robbys room, along with some vintage metal air planes I found at hobby lobby. Im also thinking about adding in an old car poster or something along that line. Thanks for the wonderful ideas- keep them coming!


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