Baby H is here!

Sorry for being so MIA recently.

On Friday July 22 I met this handsome fella.

Meet Harrison Bennett.

{ photo courtesy of Jennifer Driscoll }

He weighed in just under 8lbs (7 lbs 15 oz) and was 21 inches.

He is such a joy. Although the every 2 hour feedings are starting to take a toll on mom.

Dad is very proud of his son.

{ photo courtesy of Jennifer Driscoll }

Big sister even enjoys having her little brother around. Although we are taking "nice hands" one day at a time. She really likes to snuggle him in blankets (ehhh, on his face) so I am watching her constantly.

{ photo courtesy of Jennifer Driscoll }

Everyone said that 2 years apart is the perfect age for siblings. Boy, is it a lot of work.

Do you have any tips with having kids close in age?

I'm trying to spend as much time as possible with my daughter but it is tough balancing feedings and one on one time with Evelyn.

Well, back to my mom duties!


  1. Aww congrats to you! He's beautiful.

  2. Congrats Ashley! He's so precious! I can't imagine how tough it is with two close in age. You're as big of a hero as your military husband! :) Get some rest and hopefully it gets easier... or you get used to it, one of the two. :)

  3. Congratulations! He is gorgeous...and those photos are amazing!

    I remember thinking I would never get anything done ever again after bringing home my second son....but you will get into a routine and it will get easier!

  4. Beautiful baby!
    My advice is take any help that is offered. Rest when you can and worry about cleaning later.

  5. Oh I was gone when you posted this congrats he's adorable! My first two were 20 months apart and I had to watch my oldest for awhile with the baby and eventually he got use to the baby and it wasn't quite as exciting to touch and do things we didn't want him to.


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