Wood Floors

On Mother's Day weekend, my amazing husband surprised me with new wood floors for the living and dining room. Well, he didn't really "surprise" me...I guess the fact that he suggested we put down wood floors in the dining room before finishing the wainscoting caught me off guard. I then added that we should take the wood floors into the living room.

And he agreed!

We ordered the wood floors about 2 weeks ago...
Right after ordering the flooring Daniel slowly (well over the next week or so) removed all the baseboard around the carpet. No, rush...we had to wait on the flooring to arrive anyways.

Next, we had to move all the furniture out of the room. What is this "we" nonsense...he moved the furniture with the help of a friend. I enjoyed watching the action take place.

This is what the room(s) look like.

Here is the dining room.

{wainscoting will be all the way up the wall with a ledge at top}

and here is the living room.

I don't expect this to be finished until after the holiday weekend.

I'm really excited to get these rooms finished. We haven't painted any rooms on our main level. We still have builder paint after 3.5 years!

After the wood floors are down and the dining room is complete...I will pick out some paint colors!

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