Storage Bins & Sweet Shoppe Party Update

The storage bins finally arrived!

This is what they look like in the new "custom" closet.

I'm in love. They are practical and look so darn cute!

Now I need to decide if I want to order more for the other storage system....


Today, I picked up some items for Evelyn's Sweet Shoppe Birthday Party. I bought several glass jars from HomeGoods.

By several I mean 8 large jars.

I spent less than $90.

8 jars with lids for less than $90. I'll take em!

I'm budgeting around $250 for her second birthday.

Glassware: $90
Decorations: Free
Napkins/Plates/Cups: Free (all left over from her 1st birthday)
Invitations: Free (well except $10)
Labels: Free
Goodie Bags: $20
Cupcakes: $30
Candy and drinks: $100

I think I will be able to stay within this budget. Actually, I will probably spend a lot less. I decided that I'm not making the cupcakes this year. There are so many things to get ready that it will be easier to just purchase them from a bakery. Plus, should I be slaving around an oven all day? I don't think so! haha

Any suggestions where I can buy some cute/cheap candy? Or even what candy to buy?! I want to stick to pinks for everything.


One final thing - there will be another free printable on Monday or Tuesday!

Come back to get organized :)

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