Rug & Chair are ordered!

When I first started decorating Harrison's room I wanted to go with a very neutral theme.
Obviously, that didn't happen! There is something about red, white and blue's that aren't so neutral!
I found the perfect rug online a few days ago.
Star Bordered Rug
I ordered the chair and ottoman. I am taking a risk getting this in crimson red. I'm not sure how it will look but hopefully it will add spunk to the room.

I think the contrast of the white and tan walls will make the crimson twill pop. At first I wanted to go with a neutral chair in hopes to move it when Harrison decides that having a chair in his room is no longer "cool."

By that time I'm sure the chair will be due for another slip cover.

What are your big furniture splurges?


  1. We bought a new couch and recliner for our living room about 2 years ago, but the both need slipcovers already. :( We will not be buying and new furniture until the kids are a little older! lol! The room is going to look lovely! :)

  2. What fun !!! As empty nester's now we have replaced our old sofa for a nice neutral Dark Brown Sectional to go with our Tan Lazy Boy Chairs that are so classy... Since we exposed our hardwood floors and stained them a nice Rosewood, the house just sparkles.

  3. Justcallmeblessed: I am a little worried about all these little ones with red juice drinks around the new furniture! Hopefully the sippy cups will do their job :)

    Whiterose: I love hardwood floors! In fact, for mother's day I was informed that we are taking out the carpet in the living and dining room and putting down hardwood.


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