Last week it was almost 90 degrees outside.

Absolutely beautiful and sunny - maybe a little stuffy for this 7 month pregnant girl...but a nice change.

And this week we are lucky to hit the 50's. Indiana weather is so funny.

Well, the teaser weather last week pushed me to go out and buy some flowers to put in my "dead" mum pots. Yes, I was too lazy to remove the dead plants from two seasons ago.

I wanted to wait for the sun to come out to take these photos but I don't see an end to this rain.

My husband planted all the flowers. Yes, I went and picked them out...I pointed what I wanted planted and he was such a sweetie to do it for me.

Let me tell you...I doubt I will ever get him to plant flowers again!

This is the entry way to our home.


Our back deck also has flowers.

These are the flowers by our garage door.

Have you planted flowers? I hope I didn't do it too early this year. For some reason I didn't think our weather would dip down in the 30's during mid May!

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