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Having kids really changes things. There is a constant flow of laundry. With the new addition coming in a few months I know that the laundry will triple! My husband and I are constantly running up and down the stairs (not so much me anymore) carrying loads of laundry.

We finally decided that this needs to change. My upstairs has the perfect spot for a laundry room. Off our loft there is a large walk in closet. This space is next to "dead space" in one of the guest bathrooms. There is also a linen closet that is in this area. Late Spring of this year we are converting this space to a laundry room. No, we aren't doing this on our own...although my husband is going to help demolish the area (I think he just wants to break something.) We are leaving the venting and conversion of the laundry room to the experts.

With moving the laundry upstairs we are going to have an extra room that is off the garage. Since I don't have a walk in pantry, I am converting the old laundry into a pantry. I am thinking about adding a hard-to-see-through aka etched glass door and the word "pantry". Yes, I'm sure it has been done a million times but I have always visioned my pantry like this!

{ midwest manufacturing }

I'm sure the door above is pretty pricey so I bet we will end up buying an inexpensive glass door, purchasing the 3m film and then use a stencil of some kind to write out pantry.

Next to the new pantry we have another storage closet. We are taking this out (pushing the new pantry wall in a foot or two) and converting this area into a mudroom. If you have kids and a messy husband with all of his army gear you know this is a must to any home! I really adore the EasyCloset system. Since Daniel is handy we can get a California System without the marked up price. In fact our Master Closet has an EasyCloset installed.

Please excuse the 2 year old iPhone picture quality!

{{ my side }}

{{ his side }}

{{ back of closet }}

I will document the changes and selections for tile/wall color/cabinets etc. I don't expect this project to take very long. We are working with professionals that will come in and knock this job out quickly.

This will set us back a couple dollars. But I feel DIYers + lint build up = fire. It is best to leave this type of a remodel to the professionals.

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