Pinwheel Thank You Cards: Tutorial

Earlier I mentioned that my creativity started with Evelyn's pinwheel invites. These invites are very simple to construct and can be made into invitations for any kids birthday --- or even thank you cards. The possibilities are endless what you can use these type of cards for! I have updated the design to show you a thank you card.

Materials you need:

:: Card stock (one white, and one with a fun design on both sides) ::
:: Sheet of white text paper ::
:: Glue ::
:: Scissors ::
:: Printer ::
:: Template ::

[Step One] Cut out your double sided designed card stock to measure 10" x 7".

[Step Two] Print the PDF template on the white card stock and cut along the dotted lines. {I have created a template for you to print out custom thank you cards.} You will need the most recent version of Adobe reader to view the PDF files. You can download Adobe for free here.

[Step Three] Making the pinwheels are very simple. Cut out {3} 2" x 2" squares of your fun design scrap paper. Cut the square on the corners roughly 1.25" in at a 45 degree angle on all sides. Fold one point in at each of the corners. When they all meet in the middle push the brad through the pinwheel. I suggest using a sharp tool to make the hole for the brad.

:: ignore my nails!! ::

[Step Four] Glue the white card stock with the PDF template and layer it on the designed card stock.

[Step Five] Attach the pinwheels on the card next to each other...

[Step Six] Fold the card in half.

[Step Seven] Cut a 4.5" x 6.5" piece of white text paper and glue it to the inside of the card.

You are finished. That is all you need to do to make a super cute card that can be used for a variety of things!


**This card will be featured in the April Monthly Giveaway so if you aren't arts and crafts savvy you will have a chance to have a card of your own!**


  1. Eep! Love this! You are so crafty. Happy to have found you in blog land.

  2. I was wondering if I could get the template for this card, it is so cute. But I didn't see a link for the template.

  3. Hi Chuckles, what is your email address? I am more than happy to send you the template!


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