Entry Closet: Getting Organized

I am following through with my "getting organized" topic once every 1 to 2 weeks. This nesting thing is really getting to me.

This week I am taking on our front door closet. Boots have been piling up and scarves have been tossed on the top...Now that it is SPRING - yay, no more bulky Uggs to wear!! Please no more snow. I don't think I could handle another snow/ice storm.

This is the before...No judging allowed!

:: Evelyn wanted to be in this shot! ::


I even found some missing purses!!!

And the After

Finally, we have a front door closet that we won't be embarrassed to use.

I moved all the bulky items to our master closet. We have a lot of empty space towards the back. This is the perfect spot for our out of season coats and shoes.

Happy organizing!


  1. Somebody loves her Burberry!

  2. Are you saying I have a problem?!? Yes, I LOVE my Burbs!

  3. I bet you feel real good after doing that.. I know I always do once I have cleaned out a cluttered cupboard.

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