Baby Room

Baby Harrison will be here some time the end of July. Actually due on my dear friend, Meggy's birthday. I have been gathering ideas on doing a neutral sophisticated baby room. I want to design something that he can grow with.

I will be posting in the upcoming weeks the progress of the room. Husband is working hard getting the room ready for me to design. He is putting up wainscoting and making sure I am happy (oh how I love being pregnant!) Wainscoting is something I'm in love with and we will show you how to make your own "faux" wainscoting for a fraction of the price and all of the wow!

We are going to splurge on our seating (probably buy from Pottery Barn Kids.) This will grow with the room - and by keeping it neutral if he gets sick of the chair in there we can always move it to another spot in the house.

Our JC Penney furniture arrived last night and WOW, I am extremely impressed. I knew I was taking a chance but I'm not kidding, the structure/quality of this particular brand is far superior than Pottery Barn Kids or Land of Nod.

So far, we have spent roughly $1200 on the baby room. This number includes: furniture (crib, dresser, tall dresser,) paint, and wainscoting. The overall goal is to keep everything under $2500. I know that price sounds steep but we are buying bedroom furniture that Harrison will be able to use way in his teen years (the crib converts to a full size bed.)

Tip: Make an inexpensive piece of furniture (ie dresser) look expensive by investing in different handles. This can turn my inexpensive $400 dresser to rival those at Restoration Hardware ($1200) and Pottery Barn Kids ($899.)


  1. thanks for the tip...this looks exciting. I can't wait to see the finished product!!

  2. Love the pillow! You're so right to buy good quality furniture that can grow with the kids. I wish I would have done that! Instead, I bought cribs, toddler beds, and now twin beds for both of mine.

  3. I made the mistake with the first one...Just bought a crib that converted to a toddler bed. Now we are going to have to make another splurge on a bed for her room in about a year. I figured knocking it all out in one purchase is the best choice financially.


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