Happy Heart Day - Free Printable

This week has been one rough week.

Mr. Harrison is really, really sick with a nasty virus {RSV}.

We took a trip to the hospital and [3] trips to the doctors...

He got really dehydrated - to the point that he wouldn't drink anything.

Daniel and I ended up giving him syringes full of pedialyte {5ml every 5 minutes for 3 hours.}

That stuff works fast! About an hour in he was talking and ready to be the crazy little man we all know.


I created printable Valentine Cards last week. I've been meaning to send them out but with everything that happened I'm a little tardy.

I hope you enjoy these Valentine Cards!

I created two colors, pink and blue.

D O W N L O A D  in  P I N K


D O W N L O A D   in   B L U E

Feel free to pin away!

Valentine's Day Art {Free Printable}

I created a Valentine's Day print as my freebie to you.

I am {in love} with this quote.

This print is available in 2 different sizes.


If you are interested in other colors they will be available in my shop later this week.

Enjoy :)

Weekly Cleaning Calendar Printable - Now in Pink Chevron!

Happy New Year!

So many resolutions are flying around blog world.

My resolution for this year...maybe a little cliche...

This year I want to be more

Recently, I've been slacking in this department. 

Luckily I have my weekly cleaning calendar to keep the house chores efficient so I can focus on the clutter in every other room. 

I created another weekly cleaning calendar. This time in pink chevron. Don't get me wrong, I love the blue polka dot weekly cleaning calendar but I wanted to change it up a bit for the new year.

Hopefully this will make my house chores a little more fun. 

Who am I kidding!?

Maybe it will encourage me to stick to the calendar!

I am sharing this new weekly cleaning calendar as my free printable to you for the New Year.

I hope you reach your goals and hopefully this will help you clean the house quickly so you can focus on YOU! 

Many readers suggested laminating this calendar so you can use it over and over again. Such a great - thrifty idea.

As the year unfolds I will have additional free printables to keep the house organized. 

I recently had a career change - I am now a stay at home mom. I want to balance time with Evelyn [2] and Harrison [5 months] as well as make time for myself. The faster I can finish my "job" on the home front, the more time I can spend on my children as well as myself.

I'm in the process of creating organizational lists/charts etc. to keep myself on track at home. 

I don't mind sharing these items because 1) I create them for myself to use 2) why not share to help someone else keep organized?

I struggle with organization every day so if I can help one other person, great!

Happy New Year!


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